Sample Submission Process & Guidelines

A Simple 3 Step Process.

Please watch our sample submission guide video before submitting your lab order.

New Customers

New Customers must register an account before submitting samples

Our Submission Process

We have a completely traceable sample submission process.
Submitting a lab order takes about 10-20 minutes.

It is important to make sure your samples are submitted correctly so test results are accurate, secure and un-disputable.

Why Is Sample Submission Process Important?

Our process provides traceability of each sample from the customer to our laboratory. This protects both parties to ensure all samples are correctly documented, transported, & tested.

Let's Prepare Your Sample The Correct Way

Please make sure your samples are in the correct amount, packaged correctly, labeled correctly, and pack well for transport. 

Sample Size Requirements

Your sample will need to meet our minimum sample size requirements for each lab test you order. Each product type has different submission requirements per analysis.

Please review our requirements below to know exactly how much of the product we will need.

Sample Packging

Primary Container

  • Please submit your samples in reinforced, resealable, labeled containers that are suitable for your product matrix.
  • Screw-cap containers and/or luer-lock syringes 
  • Liquid samples must be sent in a syringe with luer-lock or sealable jar.

Secondary Container

  • To prevent breaking or leaking in transit, please reinforce your primary containers properly, e.g. bubble wrap.
  • Use a watertight/leak-proof container or sealable mylar envelope.
  • Contact customer support is sample is perishable.

*Samples damaged in delivery cannot be tested, we contact you to request another sample in this instance. 

Sample Labeling

Each sample should be clearly marked with:

  • Company name
  • Sample name
  • Batch (if applicable)
  • Amount/Weight
  • Tests Requested

Pack It Well

Please pack you samples in a way to protect from damage while in transit.

Include Sample Submission Form

Please make sure to include your sample submission form with your samples.

Each Sample Must Be Submitted Online

You must register an account on our website toorder lab tests.

Each Sample Must Be Submitted Online

Once registered, please login to our website, and click the “lab portal” link in the site  navigation.

Account Registration

To be able to submit samples you must first register your company with us at

Login Page

To submit samples you must be logged into our website here:

Create A New Order Request

You can create a new lab order, submit samples, and order tests by selecting “new order request” in our portal.

New Order Request | Lab Portal

Enter in the rolling info:
Order Notes –  Let us know if you need anything special done with your order or samples.
Acceptance – Click the checkbox to acknowledge you are sending your samples in accordance with federal 2018 Farm Bill.

Click the “Create order request draft” button, and your initial lab-order will be created. 

Add Samples To Your Order

Now you can add samples to you order.
In the now visible “Samples” section, please click “Add” and select the number of samples you want to add.
Now you can enter all of your sample’s data:

  • Sample Name – As labeled on your submitted sample
  • Batch ID – As labeled on your submitted sample
  • Sample Type – Please select which product category the sample matches
  • Testing Purposes – Please select the reason you are testing the product, (R&D or Compliance).

Order Tests

After you have uploaded sample data into the portal you will see a “Tests” section where you can add differs tests to your samples.

Click the “select analysis” button. and search for a test you are ordering.

  • Potency – 15 or 18  – select 2 or 5 day turnaround times
  • Residual solvents  – select 2 or 5 day turnaround times
  • Moisture Content – select 2 or 5 day turnaround times
  • Shelf-Life Studies – select 2 or 5 day turnaround times

Click “Save” on the left hand side, then click “Submit” – Nice, your lab order is in our system

Make Sure To Mail Your Sample Properly

Accepted Shipping Services

You can mail your samples using USPS, UPS, or FedEx.

Include You Sample Documentation

fter entering your order online, print the sample submission receipt and include with your samples.

Consider including any documentation that you may have that will identify your samples as hemp or hemp-derived. This could be any state or international cultivation/manufacturing licenses or previous certificates of analysis. If your package gets selected for inspection, postal inspectors won’t know whether your shipment is a legal product or an illegal one without documentation.

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