Shelf-Life Studies

Test the stability of your products at an accelerated rate. Shelf-life analysis reveals the expiration date of your products. We offer simulated 3, 6, 9, 12, and 24-month testing schedules. Each simulated three months takes ten days to complete. The cost of testing covers the required potency and microbial testing necessary for the shelf-life test.

Example Shelf-Life COA

Example Document of a Minova Labs COA 15 Panel Cannabinoid Test

Example Shelf-Life COA

Shelf-Life Study Price & Turnaround Time
3 Months $200.00 and a 10-day turnaround
6 Months $400.00 and a 20-day turnaround
9 Months $600.00 and a 30-day turnaround
12 Months $800.00 and a 40-day turnaround
24 Months $1,600.00 and an 80-day turnaround

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