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Logan Cline

Director Of Analytical Development
Director of Analytical Development Logan Cline is Minova’s earliest employee. She’s responsible for the overall growth and operation of the lab, from method development to regulatory compliance. Logan led Minova through ISO 17025:2017 accreditation and CDPHE certification. While double-majoring in biology and comparative religion from the University of Pikeville, Kentucky, in 2017, Logan presented extensive research on CBD nanoencapsulation at the Appalachian College Association Summit and participated in cloning the first high-CBD hemp crop in Kentucky. Following this Logan specialized in the development of industrial chromatography processes to purify cannabinoids within the industry. A love of chromatography and a desire to quantify and discover new cannabinoids drew her to analytical testing. She’s driven by the possibility that some secondary metabolites may be the answer to medical issues today, and it’s why she’s interested in many compounds other companies are overlooking. “I want to develop an analytical company that has the highest quality standard in the industry and the passion to lead the world in analytical testing methodologies for alternative medicines,” she says.
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Brian McCoy

Analytical Chemist
Minova analytical chemist Brian McCoy started working in the CBD industry as an extraction operator, and through demonstrating skill and work ethic, found himself working in multiple sectors of the industry. From extraction, he moved to formulations, then chromatography, and finally analytics. It’s a good fit for the science-minded chemist, who received his Bachelors’ in Neuroscience from the University of Colorado at Boulder. At the university, he researched dopaminergic mechanisms in relation to learning and memory, primarily handling in-vivo measurements of dopamine and behavioral data analysis. In addition, Brian aided in human fMRI studies involving pain and affect. At Minova Labs, his primary responsibilities are instrumentation and data analysis on LC and GCMS systems, and ensuring that all systems are functioning in accordance with CDPHE and ISO 17025 requirements. When he’s not in the lab, Brian plays jazz guitar, folk-styled acoustic guitar, and classical piano, as well as dabbling in table-top role playing games and creative writing.
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John Reser

Quality Analyst
New to the hemp industry, John Reser quickly worked his way up the ranks from Community Specialist to Quality Analyst. He moved to Colorado after receiving his bachelor’s degree in studio art from Louisiana Tech University in 2020. John handles sample intake, customer relations, compliance, waste disposal, internal audits, and quality procedures. In his free time, John likes to paint murals, draw, listen to music, and camp—often all at the same time, while juggling on one leg!
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Alex Bujanow

Alex Bujanow graduated with a degree in Biotechnology before becoming a research technician at the Center for Functional Genomics. She studied inflammation-associated breast cancer via cell signaling pathways, and screened over 800 natural compounds as potential mediators. Later, she worked as a research assistant at upstate New York’s Trudeau Institute, where she studied the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease, as well as Colitis and the gut microbiome. She acquired unique technical skills, including distillation, various biotechnological and cell culture techniques, chromatography, ELISA, PCR, and much more. Her background inspired a life mission to heal the world through plant medicine, which drew her to the cannabis industry. Working as a microbiologist for Minova Labs utilizes her talents, passion, and desire to change the world.

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