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A Passion for Excellence

Minova Labs is Colorado’s leading hemp testing facility for moisture content, residual solvents, and cannabinoid potency. As one of the few CDPHE state-certified and ISO 17025 accredited labs, we are honored to help lay the groundwork for the industry we believe has the power to change the world.

Science is just scratching the surface of what cannabinoids can do, and we want to dig deeper. We are motivated by the potential these tiny molecules possess and the massive implications they have for our health and humanity. It’s what keeps our processes tight, our minds sharp, and our team energized!

Our Team

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Logan Cline

Director of Analytical Development
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Brian McCoy

Analytical Chemist
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John Reser

Quality Analyst
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Alex Bujanow


Our Values

Here at Minova, our goal is to provide the highest quality lab services for the alternative medicine industry. Our state-of-the-art lab works to legitimize an industry that’s been criticized for lack of oversight. Accuracy, reliability, and transparency are at the core of our cannabis testing services, so you and your customers feel confident in your products.

We run the gambit testing for residual solvents, and moisture content to preforming self-life studies for your products. Our aim is to position your brand to stand out in the crowded CBD industry. We want you to deliver consistent, clean products to your customers while building brand loyalty because of the test and transparency you provide in your products.

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Receive better results at quicker speeds.

We are driven by the power of hemp and its transformative benefits & making consumer safety our top priority.  

Years of experience equipped our seasoned team of scientists with the know-how to navigate the changing landscape with command and confidence.


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Our laboratory ensures the highest level of testing standards and confidentiality though our chain of custody practices, online privacy policies, and data retention plans. Learn more by viewing all disclosures here: